Decorative Trends in the Interior of 2020

Decorative Trends in the Interior of 2020

The coming season is incredibly rich in original design. Moreover, designers draw most of the ideas in the surrounding world – from the universal expanses to the deep sea.

Stars around us

The theme of space is rapidly gaining popularity among manufacturers of interior accessories and finishing materials. Lamps resemble a star cluster, dark blue marble a night sky, the wallpaper realistically depicts a spiral galaxy. Characteristic silhouettes are present in the design of lampshades, porcelain plates, and decorative pillows.

Well, when the brave pioneer Voyager 2 is about to leave the solar system and enters interstellar space, it’s time to join cosmic matters. Perhaps we are on the verge of amazing discoveries?

Scallops, scales and corals

The marine theme in interior design in 2020 extends to the design of soft and wooden furniture, carpets, fruit well as all professional knows about all colours according their place. Laxman construction are the one of the best interior designer in Dwarka Neutral in colour wallpaper with the image of pearl shells equally easily fit into public and private rooms. Ceramic tiles in the shape of fish scales decorate the bathrooms and kitchens. The most glamorous option is in a dark blue version.

Fringe expansion

The interior of the season 2018-2020 is characterized by an unbridled love for fringe and brushes. They adorn poufs, sofas, wall panels, pillows, carpets, chandeliers, and table lamps. It looks flirty, cute at home, with a share of nostalgic notes. And how do you like the idea of ​​buying a large round mirror with a fringe?  

Wonderful velvet

The fabric is delightful to the touch, rich in shades, beautifully shimmers in the sun. Beds and sofas with velvet upholstery are a sure-fire way to make the atmosphere luxurious, even if the rest of the furniture in the room is more restrained in design.

Brass taps

Among the trends in the interior of 2020 that are worth talking about are brass fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. Over the past few years, this alloy has held a strong position among materials. Such taps, mixers, switches add the finishing touch to the design, like a gem. In concrete or marble bathrooms, they maintain a cool glow, while they add warmth to minimalist white kitchens. 

Urban glamor

In the design of fashionable interiors 2018-2020, there is an emphasis on transparent glass partitions decorated with a dark metal layout. Moreover, the layout pattern is strictly square or rectangular.

We are talking about internal interior partitions, zoning structures, door frames, sliding and hinged doors, French windows, shower screens. The reception is so versatile that it is quietly embedded in classic and modern styles . The idea is also suitable for panoramic glazing, dormers, design of verandas and access to the back patio. 

Fifth wall

So figuratively called the ceiling. You can spend hours painfully choosing the colour of paint for the walls, but for some reason everyone forgets about the ceiling. But it can be painted, wallpapering! Coloured ceilings will make the room brighter and more memorable sooner than any accent wall. Wallpaper contrasting to the walls will create an effect of surprise when entering the room. 

The return of terrazzo

Many of the trends in interior design 2020 are a modern update of past ideas. A popular composite decoration material in the 1980s – terrazzo – is returning. It is made from marble chips, granite, quartz, bonded with solid clinker cement. It is distinguished by durability, recognizable by its colourful texture and breadth of application.

If earlier terrazzo was used mainly for facing floors and stairs, today concrete-mosaic tiles adorn three-dimensional floors, walls, small decor details, and lamps. Terrazzo countertops are not only beautiful, but also durable. 

Kitchen Design 2020

In the design of the kitchen space, the trend of dark finish was clearly indicated. This applies to classic and modern styles.

Navy blue kitchens

The deep blue colour attracts attention with its richness, one might say, drama. Contrary to traditional ideas that dark shades visually narrow the space, designers advise using them not only in spacious kitchens, but also in small rooms and places where there is little or no natural light. In such cases, it is the dark colour that will distract from the planning flaws, focusing looks only on oneself.

Blue is recommended for use in the decoration of walls, facades, island block. The colour blends nicely with the white and grey palette, so there are a lot of options.

Kitchen Interior with blue accents – examples:

The design of this workplace combines a light wooden countertop, white painted brick wall, dull grey-blue facades of cabinets. A ceiling bolt holds a hanging shelf and fixtures.

Here, blue is used on the wall and kitchen island, while cabinets remain white. The cobalt hue in this kitchen-living room added softness, which is not found in grey and black colours. Mirror lights and chromed bar stools have brought a modern touch. The island is combined with a bar, whose countertop is also highlighted in blue.

The rough style of the raw brickwork and brass fittings is supported by dark grey-blue cabinets and shelves. Balance the composition with white countertops and yellow legs of stools.

Black and blue facades in vintage style stand out against the white walls and light floor. Brass drawer handles create a warm contrast with the dark dominant – this is another fashionable interior trend of 2020.

A modern kitchen with a simple yet chic design. A large number of light grey marble creates a pleasant contrast with blue cabinets and the design of the island. An element of glamor is added by taps, bar stools and a brass footrest.if you are intrested in are projects.

The simple beauty of this kitchen is created by smooth white walls, matte dark blue facades and tile on an apron that imitates cement. Again a vigorous union of open brickwork combined with wooden cabinets and drawers. Another example of a successful combination of a shade of Prussian blue (dark blue-grey) with a snow-white ceramic apron, a bowl of a sink and smooth walls.

Kitchen Design 2019-2020 in black

The love for black characteristic of the current season will continue in the coming year. In the decoration of kitchen areas it is used not point wise in small details, but on a larger scale – in the design of walls, ceilings, and, of course, the headsets themselves. You can balance the saturated colour with stainless steel, you get an interior in an industrial style. Options are also offered for a completely black kitchen – with painted wood, stone, metal, even a sink. Living indoor plants will dilute the gloomy effect. 

White plus tree

Another 2020 trend in kitchen design is the combination of white with warm shades of wood. White shades make the room lighter, brighter and allow other elements of the decoration to come to the fore. And the tree brings warmth and a beautiful texture to the interior, compensating for the cool effect of the background. Together, these components create a discreet attractive contrast

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