Grow your Dental Practice with these amazing Dental Marketing Ideas.

Many people do not appreciate the idea of going for a dental check-up; they say this is because they tend to pay for services they do not receive. Now, almost everyone is searching for a “trustworthy dentist”.

You can be that trustworthy dentist with these amazing dental marketing tips:

  1. Go for ads

Your ads will go places you can’t; they will cover miles and bring you more patients. You can use the following ads to improve your stream of patients:

  1. Facebook ads

Local awareness ads on Facebook will help you reach some local audience. With a new map card, you can get people around you to know some important details like the address and hours of operation of your dental business. You can even use your CTA as a call button for anyone who wants to book an appointment.

There are many demographic targeting available on Facebook which you can use. With it, you can target any audience of your choice. You can choose to select your audience by gender, relationship status, interests, etc.

You can also use the new Facebook messaging ad; with it, you can use messenger to tell people about your business. You can send a message as a CTA now. It’s a great opportunity.

  1. Mobile call-only and click to call ads

Google states that searches relating to healthcare are mostly done with smartphones, and every one in twenty searches on Google is health-related. You can use Google ads to create ads just for smartphones with call-only campaigns.

Also, since the aim of dental marketing is to get patients to book appointments, you can use the click to call ads on Facebook and Google ads for easy contact and booking of appointments.

  1. Google income targeting ads

Google income targeting ads help you categorize your adverts into different income levels. With Google demographics, you can advertise different levels of dental procedures.

To use this, go to settings and click on “Advanced Location”, when it opens, select location groups and then pick demographics. From here, you can choose the household income tier you want and click the red button.

  1. Google map ads

This is really helpful in directing patients to your location. Using this will make your office one of those that will appear when a person searches for ‘dentist”.Your CTA and direction of your office will also be visible

  1. Waze ads

Waze works just like Google Maps; it is community-based and will show your advert to the people within your locality. With it, your viewers can navigate to your location or save it for when they are ready.

  1. Emergency keywords

You can get more clients to visit you by using keywords like ‘emergency’ or ‘urgent’. This will pop up every time a person searches for emergency dental services. Be sure the call CTA you will provide will be one you can always have access to.

  1. Social media and other apps

Social media platforms like Instagram and twitter have become really good places for shopping and doing business. Creating an account on Instagram for your practice will give you an opportunity to put your unique qualities and techniques on display. With special skills, you can keep yourself alive in the minds of your followers.

Patients also use apps like ZocDoc where they can search for, and book appointments with doctors of different specialties or Yelp where they can read reviews and know which dentist is the best. Having good impressions on platforms like these will make it easy for you to grow your practice.

  1. Direct mail and email marketing

Direct mails still work, and those who use them say they receive about 7 new patients and at least 35 phone calls for every 5000 postcards they send. You can use this to showcase your specialty and competitive price.

You can also use email marketing; this is easy and convenient for you and the patients. You can use this for easy booking of appointments, sending of bills and reminders.

  1. Bonuses on referrals

People tend to trust referrals from friends than adverts. You can give some amount off as a way of expressing your gratitude to those whose referrals led to an appointment. You can make this easier by giving out your business referral cards to your patients; there is also no harm in attaching them to the mails you send.

  1. Local events

Get involved in the events around your locality. You can choose to visit a school during their party and share some toothbrushes with the name of your dental practice inscribed on it. This will put you in the face of both the parents and children. People who have tried this with children in kindergarten said 70% of the parents patronized their practice after that.

Our final word marketing demands time and diligence, and as a dentist, you may not be able to dedicate so much of your time to it. This is why we advise you to get a dental marketing agency like DubSEO for your dental marketing in London to help your practice website rank higher on Google and other major search engines.

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