How Can Parental Control Softwares Save Your Child From Online Threats?

Parental Control App

This article tells how Parental control Softwares monitor a child’s digital life remotely and save kids from various online dangers. This is high time we should talk about parental control. Do you know why?

Internet addiction is presently an official mental disorder, and there are rehabilitation centers to cure it too! Today’s internet addiction to your child can be tomorrow’s life-threatening mental condition. 

Do I have your attention now? 

Your kids love using cell phones, Don’t they? They use it for games, social media, blogs, and many other tempting purposes. But do you know which platforms your kids visit or who they talk to on social media? Are you assured that online surfing is safe for them?

There is no doubt that digital life can provide tonnes of benefits, but what about its side effects? It also brings unwanted threats. Online crime is the fastest spreading crime in the US. Many parents use parental control apps to combat it and to allow safe digital exposure to their kids.

What Are Parental Control Apps?

Parental Control App is an effective arsenal of modern parents to fight against detrimental digital activities. These apps provide safe digital exposure to your kids by monitoring, limiting, and filtering various digital content.

Moreover, a set of unique features of parental software shield kid’s digital presence. Let’s have a look at the most prominent online dangers and how child monitoring apps can protect your kid from it.

Inappropriate Apps

New apps are coming out all the time, and you might not know what the app is all about just by its name and logo. A smart kid can also hide apps that you cannot find by visible casual searches.

Probable Dangers:

  • Just picking up a kid’s phone and searching for harmful apps is not enough. Your teen can anytime download gambling or dating apps.
  • Various social media apps are parents’ primary reason for worry. The handheld device turns into a probable danger once the child shares personal information or unknowingly traps himself into an illusionary world of such apps.

How Parental Control Helps

  • Parental control software lets parents’ control, which apps their kids can use on their smartphones. You can block harmful or addictive apps.
  • Parents can entirely stop their children from downloading any new app on their device from the Google Play Store. 
  • Safeguard your younger kids by creating a bespoke home screen on their device

Internet Addiction

Children’s internet addiction is a nerve-racking issue for today’s parents. Children need firm limits on their screen time usage and must learn responsible use of computers, tablets, and phones. 

Probable Dangers:

  • Excessive use of the internet can cause difficulty focusing in school, insomnia, stress, poor eyesight, and many other physical and mental health concerns
  • A child traps himself in the illusionary screen world which profoundly affects his real-life
  • Extensive screen time usage may develop lousy habits of not valuing time and prioritizing other life-essential activities

How Parental Control Helps

  • With the help of child monitoring software, you can schedule daily timelines for using various apps on your kid’s phone under divisions like games, social app, etc
  • Such curfew hours will make them learn the value of time, and they will not be able to access addictive apps during school or study time 
  • Eliminate late-night screen obsessions with setting the bedtime and disable all the other activities of kid’s device during the bedtime
  • You can also set an app time limit and specify the number of hours when the access to a single app or group of apps is granted to the kid.


A handheld device with an internet connection makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family. But it also aids stalkers and cyber predators.

Probable Dangers:

  • A child’s device or apps he is using may give his location or travel routes to a stranger who can misuse this information 
  • Your teen is at risk of being stalked, and a stranger may further rob him.

How Parental Control Helps

  • When you install a child tracker app in a kid’s device, you can see his location from your cell phone. Just tap on the respective child and start tracing his current location.
  •  With parental control apps, there is an SOS button on the kid’s dashboard. When in a crisis, a child can press the button, and the app will send a panic alert to you (parent’s device) with the current location details. (GPS should be ON)
  • You can also define a safe zone( virtual geographic boundaries)for kids on the map to ensure their safety. An alert with the current location will be sent to the parent’s device every time a child enters or exits the defined zone. 
  • Such geofence with a well-defined center location eliminates the threat of stalking.

Unknown /Spam calls

Nowadays, many cybercriminals generate fake international numbers from the apps you are using. The more dangerous part is they use such numbers to con people, and these numbers are even harder to trace.

Probable Dangers:

  • Random, unknown calls on the child’s device are a whistle of a threat as they may smartly get your personal details from kids
  • A gullible kid is an easy trap for telephone scammers. Any stranger, telemarketing company can have access to your sensitive information through kids.

How Parental Control Helps

  • Kid’s safety app allows you to choose who can contact your kid.
  • You can block all unidentified /spam incoming and outgoing numbers
  • You can also block specific numbers from the contact list.  

With ever-growing internet temptations for kids, digital parental control tools are also evolving. Proactive parents use such types of parental control apps to give a sheltered environment for their children.

 In the midst of all such apps, parents regard Bit Guarding Parental Control app as the most trusted and easy-to-use app. It acts as around the clock digital guardian of your child.

A Thought to Ponder Upon!

The internet never turns off. It accompanies your home, workplace, school, and most probably to your kid’s pocket through a cell phone. So what steps are you taking to safeguard your child’s digital presence? Be a digital parent with eyes in the back of the head by using smart parental control apps.

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