Which Social Media platforms are the Best for Digital Marketing in 2020?

In the internet era, most of the people are engaged in social media, and social media is a big source of the audience for selling our products and services.

Many entrepreneurs asked me, what social media are the best for marketing in 2020.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the place where millions of people are sharing their thoughts every day.  It is the highest traffic platform. If you can promote your products or services on social media, you will get a big audience source.

So, social media marketing is very important for your business growth. But you need to know about the top social media, traffic engagement.   

Top Social Platforms List That can Give Your More Revenue


After Google, YouTube is the most visited platform in the world. It ranked 2nd in the internet. You can make a video channel here and post your videos of products and services. Many people are selling their products and services on their YouTube channels. It can give you genuine sales leads.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. It is the world’s top-ranked social media. You can promote your products or services here. You can build your own page here. Your page will help you in promoting your products or services. You can post images, videos, and articles on this platform.  Many people started their business on Facebook and now they are very successful.

You can promote your products or services on Facebook by spending only $1.00.


Reddit is very popular in the western world. If your target audience location in Europe or the USA, Reddit is a very good social media platform for getting traffic. You can promote your products or services here. Articles, images, videos and URL links you can post on Reddit. It is a very big source of online audiences.

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s social platform.  When you create a GMB page and start posting on that, your post will be shown on Google search. GMB  is the place where you can show your products or services. You can post here, your images, videos, articles and web links. It can generate more traffic and sales leads.


Twitter is a very popular social media platform. Many politicians and celebrities twit their thinking, images here.  You can make a business account here and twit about your products and services. You can reach thousands of people through twitter. It is one of the best platforms for promoting your products and services.

You can twit here images, videos and thoughts with your links.


Nowadays Instagram becomes a very popular social platform. It is one of the most traffic engaged in social media. You can share your image and links here.  Instagram is the place where you can generate more sales leads and revenue.


Tumblr is a very popular place for sharing your knowledge, views, thoughts, images, videos, links, etc. Every day millions of people visited Tumblr. You can also publish your thoughts, images, links of products and services, that you want to promote. You can get very good traffic from Tumblr that can really give you sales leads.


Quora is a question answering social platform. Every day millions of people asked their questions and many people answered. You can answer the questions with your links. When people get their answer, they go through it and visit the link. In this way, you can also get traffic and generate sales leads.


Pinterest is also a great place for digital marketing. It is one of the top-ranked and popular social platforms. Every day millions of visitors visit Pinterest. Promoting on Pinterest about your products or services is very effective. You can generate a good number of sales from Pinterest. You share your product or service images, small description, and weblink here.


Medium is a great place for sharing your knowledge, images, videos, and links. It is one of the most traffic hunting places. The medium post is very important for ranking on the search engine. It is one of the top-ranked places. You can generate more traffic to your website by doing a post on Medium.


Linkedin is mostly used for professional linking. You can share your thoughts, images, and links here. You can a good number of traffic to your website from LinkedIn. You can promote your products or services here.


Slideshare is a social platform where you can share your articles in PDF with your web links. It is a very good place for blog marketing. You can get good traffic here, who is the main source of revenue.

End Words

There are many other social media platforms that can generate revenue. Actually it depends on the products, services, target audience, and target location. If you need any consultation about digital marketing, social media marketing or SEO, please visit us @ osdigitalworld

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